Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the rainforest and australia

m2 takes a nap daily. i thought i should post that in her defense she did not nap because of the excitement of being in a new place; it was not for lack of effort on the behalf of the mommy.

little man is reacting to the loudest bird call in the world which comes from the screaming piha. we found the direction of the call but could not locate the bird ~ from pictures it looks like it would blend in with the surroundings. shortly after this picture the bird flew to the railing in front of m1 and landed. we each got a chance to pet it but when i reached for my camera for a close up it flew away.

australia ~ more birds, cool habitats and a near dead camera battery. the children were great troopers with all of the walking we did. this is an amazing museum and one that we would love to visit again!we had a little time left before closing time (6:30 on the night we were there) so we voted for our favorite exhibit and went through that area one last time. i tried to take one last picture in the mirror but it did not work very well ~ if it had not been for a dying battery i think we could have figured it out.

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