Monday, September 27, 2010

she has "peoples"

mommy: it's time to head up for bed

m2: me don't want to

mommy: you need to obey mommy

m2: me don't want to

mommy: but doll-doll and dollie are waiting for you... give daddy a hug and say night night

m2: nigh nigh daddy, my peoples waiting for me in my kib (crib)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a jumbled song

m2 sings ALL. DAY. LONG. most of the time with her hands raised. this is her latest creation she was singing while dropping the others off at school. sung (somewhat) to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star*

tankle tankle wittle star, jesus loves you this i know
b.. c.. e.. f.. g.. p.. q.. r.. clap your hands dance all you people
dance for jesus this i know
little ones to him belong

*twinkle twinkle little star is also the tune of the abc song ~ i started as a music major in college and it took me three children to figure that out ~ such a hard thing to admit

Sunday, September 19, 2010

E.R... for two

before the telling of the emergency room trip i thought we could take a look at some pictures from my dad's family reunion from last year. i don't always act my age... maybe now would be a great time to start. so, here i am jumping and flipping.

yesterday we got to the reunion and had some wonderful food and conversations. the children were playing great and bouncing away on the trampoline. after a few hours i decided that it was my turn to jump. m1 wanted to jump with me so we joined hands and were bouncing and laughing, and bouncing and laughing. one of us lost our balance (happened so fast i don't really know what happened) and we broke through the safety net surrounding the trampoline. i fell on my back, still holding her hands, and m1 hit my face/nose with her head. lots of blood loss followed... don't need to retell all the gory details. my cousins wife is a nurse (nicu but a nurse nevertheless) so she got us cleaned up and we headed to the emergency room. my mom came with us and my dad stayed with little man and m2 (he then took them home and gave them baths ~ thanks dad).

at the hospital we were all able to stay together and even share a bed! they got us cleaned up and x-rayed; m1 required a ct scan (that made me nervous). m1 ended up with five stitches along her hairline and a cherry popsicle. she did fantastic ~ so much easier than our last stitch experience that took 3 adults to hold her down. my nose is broken in two places but ended up fairly straight and i have five stitches across the top. we had an absolutely great physician who had a calming presence with us both. we have been taking it easy today. my back is a little sore but overall we are doing alright. john david took m2 and little man to church and m1 sat on my bed playing on webkinz and pbs kids for several hours. my husband served me lunch in bed and we have watched football most of the afternoon. let the bruising begin! 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

sleeping together

when little man was 4 and m1 was 3 we started a tradition of them sleeping together on friday nights. at first they would giggle for a few minutes and crash. as they have gotten older (now 7 and 6) they still look forward to that tradition and we have extended it to saturday nights also. this is a conversation that took place in the car after school on friday... much like previous friday afternoons.

M: what are we going to talk about tonight? 
S: i don't know.
M: how about what we are doing tomorrow.
S: that's fine
M: what about something that happened at school this week.
S: that's fine
M: do you have any topics?
S: will you scratch my back while you talk?
M: yes

Monday, September 6, 2010

up late on a school night

the children were so excited about the opening of the nfl season ~ until they realized the first game was after bedtime. they approached us with their plan... take a nap after dinner and wake up in time for the game. they even promised to not be grumpy in the morning. we fell for it! they just got up and are VERY excited. they are also happy about u.s. open tennis during the commercials ~ little man is hoping for a federer / nadal final. they have already started talking about the same plan for saturday when the women will play their tennis final in prime time. we will see how this goes.