Friday, November 30, 2012

what's missing?

look who lost a tooth!  

pj's in the grocery store

with 20 minutes to spare before john david walked through the door expecting dinner, i could not get the home-made empanada dough to roll out properly.  frustrating!  the girls were freshly bathed and jammied up for the evening when i asked the children to grab their shoes, coats and head to the car.  little man was still in real clothes and i had a sweatshirt on inside out.  of course at 5:50 the grocery store around the corner is packed.  two boxes of refrigerated pie crust were picked up quickly then we had to wait in line.  did the children get funny looks?  nope, i don't think anyone even noticed!

jamestown field trip

two school buses filled with children and extra cars packed with moms (and a few dads) makes for some *fun* looks from ferry commuters trying to read their morning paper and drink coffee in peace.  little man and i had set some ground rules for the field trip... 1) no holding mommy's hand or hugging, 2) no pet names like handsome dude or grumpalicious, 3) winks were allowed, and 4) pictures were okay too.  fourth grade boys are so particular. 
 ferry rides can reek havoc on your hair.
 makes you thankful for non-animal skin blankets on chilly nights.
 makes you thankful for modern kitchens and appliances.

 a friend with a child in another school was walking off the boat as we were walking on and we found out later via facebook. 

 little man the military man.

pumpkin patch

m2's class went to the pumpkin patch.  she loved the hayride and looking at the farm and the animals.  (if katy is reading: i think this is the same hayride you rode when pregnant with jacob that was so bumpy.  they did not want you to ride but you insisted!)
 the petting zoo part... a little timid at first and then she warmed up. 
 crazy haired girl! 
with her pumpkin.  why does it take so long for children to pick the perfect pumpkin?

fall soccer

 little man and bairn, his buddy from school.  glad to have him on the team ~ they work great together!
 score one for little man!

 love this one of bairn.... no feet on the ground! 

 another score for little man! 

 and yet another score! 
 and one more!
 the fans ~ above: john david and aunt jane. below: nana and m2.
pictures taken by m1.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"F" is for frog

she sure is a cute frog don't you think?

three months of catching up... part 1

 m2 before her first dance class... so excited!
 pre-k zoo field trip...

 sometimes balls are found in random places.
 4th grade warm-ups before playing apple baseball
 team cheer before said apple baseball game.
 why yes we are riding on the boardwalk in october in shorts.
 sand sculpture contest... my favorite. 
the front said "in one ear" and the back said "out the other"
with the letters b, l, a, and h coming out of the bucket. 

no zip bags have been harmed

thanks to these we are not wasting ziplocks every day with lunch packing.
dog bags for m2 (the snack bag has paw prints) ladybugs for m1 and frogs for little man.
we have already passed the break even point for the purchase.  

Monday, November 19, 2012

it matches... thanks jenn!

so, back in october (yeah, i'm that behind) my friend jenn sent me this mug.  i was taking a break from all sorts of things (facebook, blogging, internet) and simply in a rut.  this cute thing arrived in the mail and certainly made my day!  a few weeks later i realized that it matches the towel that i hang on my oven door.  serious cuteness! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


later tonight either mitt romney or obama will be selected
by the american people to occupy the seat in the oval office. 

either way, God is still on the throne. 
i have to remember that today!

-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -
update: it's 11:32 p.m. 
maybe we will move to the cayman islands for four years.  that could be fun!
either way, God is still on the throne!