Monday, March 21, 2011

*UPWARD* basketball

so here's the deal... i was supposed to post the upward basketball pics right after the cheerleading pictures. but i have come to realize that when both parents coach (four of the eight weeks were at the same time which was a great schedule) sometimes the camera gets handed to someone in the crowd ~ "take some pictures of the boy with #1 on his jersey" ~ and then while going through the pictures you can't find any that are usable. please keep that in mind!
 little man waiting for his name to be calledprayer before the game.
see #11... that's not little man. see the blue jersey to the right of #11... that is little man and that is his basket.
this is little man's basket too! one game he scored 13 baskets ~ not like we are keeping track or anything ;-) next year they will start keeping score when he moves up to the 3rd and 4th grade team. i'm his mom so i am going to boast for a moment. little man is a great ball handler and can dribble quickly down the court, find the open man and make a great pass. he is also confident under the basket and will turn and shoot when the ball is passed to him. this is his fourth year playing so his skills are improving drastically. (his p.e. teacher is also the high school soccer coach and thinks he could easily be a three sport athlete in high school... hey if i don't brag on him who will) john david is to the left refereeing the game.
 little man and his friend cm ~ love this boy's family


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jesus and m1

m1 is a very sweet obedient girl... in school... she has NEVER gotten her clothes pin moved. a mom of a boy in her class told me that she was having to discipline her son and was explaining that while she was disappointed in his actions none of us are perfect and we are going to make mistakes. to which he replied, "yep, just Jesus and m1, the only perfect ones".

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

*UPWARD* cheering

this was our third year participating with upward cheer leading (fourth with basketball but that is another post) and this year did not disappoint! i coached m1's team of thirteen girls ~ twelve first graders and one kindergartner. they did an outstanding job of learning the cheers, motions and words. it is a great out-reach through our church and through the eight weeks of practice we have a devotional that focuses on believing in God with age appropriate material.

cheering the guys on as their names are called.  they run out to scripture rock songs! each uniform packet comes with a scripture cd with word for word bible verses put to rock, hip hop and some slower music.
prayer before the game being led by coach jd   
after each game we had snack and star time. the girls receive one star per week for their megaphone ~ best effort, best cheers, spirit, leadership and Christ-likeness. it was always great to be able to hand out the Christ-like star and give the girls real life examples based on the actions of a fellow cheerleader. school pals and cheering buddies
on stage before the season ending celebration getting ready to practice our pom routine and group cheer. we had about 50 cheerleaders from kindergarten through fifth grade. each saturday afternoon we practiced together to prepare for the celebration. they did great... we have a video but i don't have my cord to load it on the computer. hope to solve that sometime soon.

Monday, March 14, 2011


one two free four five six seben eight nine ten
eleben telb firteen sixteen sebenteen nihteen tenty

Friday, March 11, 2011

you know you are a college basketball fan when...

... you have been throwing up in the bathroom and can't watch the game so your wife and children "assembly line" yell highlights. picture the following: mommy is watching the game, little man is watching from an entryway close to the stairs and m1 is located on the stairs.

mommy: carolina down by 15 with less than 6 to play
little man: carolina down by 15 with less than 6 to play
m1: carolina down by 15 with less than 6 to play

mommy: carolina within 4 with 3 left to play
the children yell up to john david.

mommy: one point game
the children relay that info to daddy. 

mommy: tie ball game 63 seconds left!
the children continue repeating highlights until the game ends... carolina wins at the buzzer 61-59. daddy sends up a whoo-whoo and then falls into a deep slumber. this is only our third missed acc tournament in 15 years. 


we were out of town saturday through wednesday... meredith started throwing up tuesday evening. sam did the same wednesday night once we were back home. now they have shared their germs with john david. can i assume morgan and i are next? i like it when they share ~ but just not their germs!