Saturday, April 24, 2010


so i call the children inside for dinner and they are having a tiff over who is supposed to pick up what toys in the backyard. after a vigorous hand washing, they start setting the table and i get pulled into the fray...

little man: "mommy, m1 is staring at me and it looks like she is saying i am stupid in her brain"

Friday, April 16, 2010

...not godly...

little man and i were picking out pictures to hang in his room. we decided to get some clip frames so we could hang his artwork and easily switch things out every once in a while. the choices were narrowed down to four... two that are easter themes, one with a dump truck and other vehicles and the last was abstract in nature. he decided on the two easter ones because, " i like the others mommy, but they are just not Godly". ummmm, okay.

ps. the "crab" pillow is also his artwork made from hand prints. oh, and his bed was my dad's that he used as a little boy (he thinks he got it when he was about 4). it was all scratched up and dull from being in the attic, but i scraped the finish off, sanded out the dings, stained it and then shined it up with a poly coat. absolutely love that we have that treasure in our possession.

bike sharing

grab your shoes we are heading outside... nice to be able to say that without layering everyone up. our dilemma is that m1 has outgrown her bike. she started riding two wheeled last summer and we thought that she would graduate into little man's this summer and he would get a new one... but she is close to being too long-legged for this one.  we might be investing in two bikes. luckily they also have a scooter so at least everyone has wheels and they don't mind sharing. for now m2 is content in the stroller but we have a tricycle for her (bought at the consignment sale for $8 seven years ago ~ great investment especially since little man and m1 still ride it on the deck out back). looking forward to many days outside this summer... we just have to figure out the wheels! 

Monday, April 12, 2010

hide the glitter glue

m1 put blue glitter glue on her lips last night... of course my first response was not to grab the camera so sorry, no pictures. but it reminded me that she is related to my niece mckinley, who hot glued a "google eye" to her forehead because she wanted to know what she would look like with three eyes.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

she's two...

this is what she looks like after a nap ~ and why i try to keep barrettes in her hair. daddy got her ready for her nap and since her jammies were a bit wet he grabbed some jammie bottoms off the clean laundry pile on the bed (you know you have those too). the jammies belong to m1 and are a size 5t. at least he rolled up the legs. below is the after, along with little man and m1.  

we had the grandparents over, along with uncle g and auntie a and their girls. everyone loves a good breakfast so that's what we had for dinner. two baked french toast casseroles, two sausage and egg casseroles, and lots of fruit and juice. yummy! my niece brought me flowers picked from the yard which created a great centerpiece for the table. after dinner we opened some presents... new books, a cute critter clinic (vet set) puzzles, a dress, and stuff for summer at the lake.

m2 started acting shy when everyone sang "happy birthday" to her. but once her individual bear cake was placed in front of her all of that went away.
i kept some of the bears "naked" so the older children could decorate their own. m1 chose purple food coloring and little man's choice was blue. here is the outcome. and of course who can resist a picture of a mommy with blue hands and teeth?!?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

she needs to learn her name too...

lately i have been working with m2 on her left arm and right arm recognition... currently she thinks she has a "this arm" and "other arm" because that is what i say when getting her dressed. it has now been brought to my attention through an interaction at wal-mart that she needs to learn her name also. an elderly lady was cooing over morgan's smocked dress and innocently asked her what her name was... "heaby baby" (heavy baby) was the response. she does get called her name throughout the day, but when i pick her up i always say an exaggerated "heeeaaavvvvyyyy baby" which she repeats after me. just another thing on the growing list for this child to relearn.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

it would have been her second birthday also...

yesterday was m2's second birthday... we are celebrating on saturday with family. it was a happy day and we feel blessed to have this "surprise" in our lives daily. however, i was thinking of this family throughout the day. christa wells is a songwriter friend of my sister (check out her website here) who was asked by todd and angie smith to co-write a song for their baby girl who was not going to be able to survive outside of the womb for more than a few hours. the following is a video of that song. (btw, todd sings with selah and the song is available on their latest cd which is fantastic).

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

basketball ~ uconn style

the first round of the ncaa women's basketball tournament (aka ~ the uconn invitational) was played nearby so we took the children to see history unfold. the uconn women have had an incredible winning streak and should easily win the entire thing this year (again). the only time the game was close was prior to it starting. the second game featured jmu (my husbands alma mater) and temple. a much tighter game with temple earning the right to play uconn. it was a great family afternoon and a fun beginning to march madness!