Friday, April 16, 2010

bike sharing

grab your shoes we are heading outside... nice to be able to say that without layering everyone up. our dilemma is that m1 has outgrown her bike. she started riding two wheeled last summer and we thought that she would graduate into little man's this summer and he would get a new one... but she is close to being too long-legged for this one.  we might be investing in two bikes. luckily they also have a scooter so at least everyone has wheels and they don't mind sharing. for now m2 is content in the stroller but we have a tricycle for her (bought at the consignment sale for $8 seven years ago ~ great investment especially since little man and m1 still ride it on the deck out back). looking forward to many days outside this summer... we just have to figure out the wheels! 

1 comment:

  1. so funny - that is the dilemma with them being so close in age...and leg length!!! :) buy that girl a PINK BIKE!!!