Saturday, April 10, 2010

she's two...

this is what she looks like after a nap ~ and why i try to keep barrettes in her hair. daddy got her ready for her nap and since her jammies were a bit wet he grabbed some jammie bottoms off the clean laundry pile on the bed (you know you have those too). the jammies belong to m1 and are a size 5t. at least he rolled up the legs. below is the after, along with little man and m1.  

we had the grandparents over, along with uncle g and auntie a and their girls. everyone loves a good breakfast so that's what we had for dinner. two baked french toast casseroles, two sausage and egg casseroles, and lots of fruit and juice. yummy! my niece brought me flowers picked from the yard which created a great centerpiece for the table. after dinner we opened some presents... new books, a cute critter clinic (vet set) puzzles, a dress, and stuff for summer at the lake.

m2 started acting shy when everyone sang "happy birthday" to her. but once her individual bear cake was placed in front of her all of that went away.
i kept some of the bears "naked" so the older children could decorate their own. m1 chose purple food coloring and little man's choice was blue. here is the outcome. and of course who can resist a picture of a mommy with blue hands and teeth?!?


  1. cute little bear cakes!! and love the pic of her in the hat and sunglasses :) happy birthday, morgan!

  2. yes, email me with a painting/fabric question!

  3. what cute little individual cakes - where did you get those pans? love it!!! looks like she had lots of fun - the picture of her with her hat and glasses is hilarious!!! i can't believe she's TWO already!!! (oh, and in response to one of your comments...callie's 3 year check up - she weighted 27 lbs. yep. at 3. at her 2 year check up she was 24 lbs. sigh. i swear i'm feeding her! :)