Thursday, April 8, 2010

she needs to learn her name too...

lately i have been working with m2 on her left arm and right arm recognition... currently she thinks she has a "this arm" and "other arm" because that is what i say when getting her dressed. it has now been brought to my attention through an interaction at wal-mart that she needs to learn her name also. an elderly lady was cooing over morgan's smocked dress and innocently asked her what her name was... "heaby baby" (heavy baby) was the response. she does get called her name throughout the day, but when i pick her up i always say an exaggerated "heeeaaavvvvyyyy baby" which she repeats after me. just another thing on the growing list for this child to relearn.


  1. this is too funny. i remember when Grant was two (my sister's son) they called him "grantster pantster". a lady asked him his name at Applebees one night and he smiled and said "grantster panster". janet put an end to it then. :) i would LOVE to hear her say heaby baby. how cute!

  2. haha - that totally cracked me up :)

  3. that is so funny - reminded me of something that callie said when we were hiking...i've got to go post it!