Monday, April 25, 2011

sunday afternoon

 m2 has a buggy that we pull behind john david's bike... that is in the car.
bike riding on the boardwalk on a sunny sunday is a great way to spend our day (after church of course).

Saturday, April 16, 2011

the baby is three

where's the birthday girl?

there she is! m2 was so excited for this day ~ she's been planning her birthday since january. the other two just go along with whatever we say is going to happen ~ not this one ~ she had specific things she wanted to do!

she wanted her friends kyleigh and landon (along with family) to come over for a birthday bike ride. i took these pictures from my bike as we rode around the neighborhood... kyleigh is on the back of her mom's bike so she is not in any bike pictures.

she requested a menu of "peanut budder and jelwy" sandwiches, cut into triangles along with fruit, cheese and juice drinks ~ to be eaten outside picnic style on a blanket with pinwheels spinning in the wind. like i said, very specific! here they are enjoying their lunch outside. (luckily subway was having bogo so my mom ordered and picked up subs for the adults on their way over) the adults sat inside with the windows open so we could see and hear what was going on outside. it was such a relaxing day, having conversations and watching the children play outside. and then we had a very tall cake!

other than our immediate family, no one knew it was a rainbow inside. my mom commented right before i sliced it that she was surprised i did not make a butterfly or other "fancy" cake for m2.  it was an extremely yummy cake! what a great day for a truly great little "punkalicious" girl!

a tall rainbow cake

here is the cake before completion... the milk is there to show how tall the cake was!
cutting the first few slices ~ and NO the children did not get one entire slice. with six layers i cut each slice in half so everyone got three layers each. i think it turned out pretty nice!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

where i have been...

in this room, with this little sweetheart. and yes, the plunger is there for a reason ;-)

Monday, April 11, 2011

a quiet house at 6:00 p.m.

it's monday night and the ncaa championship game is tonight. the children came home from school and completed their homework, ate dinner early and went to bed at 6:00. we got them up at 9:15 so they could watch the game. on a side note, last week nana (who taught where the children go to school for 26 years) subbed for the librarian in the lower school. she had prizes for the children if they answered questions. little man got a prize for knowing all four final four teams ~ no one else could even name one! m1 knew two of the teams and no one in her class could name any. i joked that our children might not know their bible verses come friday but they know their sports. (that is NOT true as they do know their verses but they know sports too!) we are waiting for "one shining moment" and then heading to bed...

Monday, April 4, 2011

a sunny monday

yeah for another sunny day! m2 and i ate lunch outside and then enjoyed playing on the swings and kicking a soccer ball. and yes, she has on her jammies... you have a problem with that?

m2 has a great smile and a funny laugh that she loves to share with others. i can hardly believe she is almost three! does anyone know how to slow down time?super me ~ that is what she calls herself sometimes when running around with little man. mommy is trying to "fly" like super mommy ... not very gracefully i might add!

such a fun day with my little girl ~ not much housework done but a great time with my little one.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

car pool

sometimes i have to wake her up from napping to pick the others up from school.  she loves to be cuddled up in little man's quilt. 

a sunny sunday

it's been a great sunny sunday ~ after a full week of rain! went to church, ate lunch, family bike ride, homework started, m2 now napping, and little man, m1 and john david are at the tennis courts. i am updating the blog (so far behind due to potty training) and getting ready for dinner. just about the perfect day.

winter break ~ now add sickness

after a fun day we headed back to the cabin for dinner. our plans for the evening included packing up for our trip home then heading to the top of the mountain at sunset... unfortunately it also included m1 throwing up. jd and nana took m2 and little man to the mountain top while i started packing up and doing the additional laundry that occurs when a child gets sick. luckily, the sickness subsided by morning and we were able to make the trip home without incident. wednesday around midnight little man started... jd was hit with the bug friday morning... and i was the last to go down during the night on friday. i don't know how m2 was spared ~ she was so sweet patting us each on the back asking if we were okay as we were telling her to please walk away. john david and the children were able to visit the zoo on saturday and enjoy the fresh air, while i slept the weekend away. on the bright side, no one missed any school!

winter break ~ now add snow

tuesday afternoon we went snow tubing... during our summer trips here we have "grass tubed" the same hill so the children we excited to see the difference snow makes. m2 was tall enough ~ and on tuesday it is half off so if she did not like it we did not lose too much ~ so she was able to join the family fun also. we were able to hook up to four tubes together so the first time down m2 went with john david and little man and m1 were connected to me. after a few runs down connected, little man and m1 wanted to go down on their own. of course, being competitive some racing ensued. i think i have mentioned this before, but we have some trash talking children: "you are going down mommy" "daddy i am going to crush your time" and my personal favorite, "bring it on big momma" ... seriously, where do they get this from ;-) little man and i were racing and i flew right past him... i took some pictures of myself to prove that i was there :) we had a great time! at the bottom of the hill there was a conveyor belt that you hopped on to ride back to the top. little man and i are hooked up to john david... the last few runs all four of us were hooked together. but i could not get a good picture of all of us together. hey, i am not blurry after all! my husband just looked over my shoulder and commented about how good this picture was, all while traveling quickly down the hill... i showed him the one from the water park yesterday in comparison taken while he was standing still. i think someone needs camera lessons! ps ~ m2 only lasted for one run ~ which was fine. at least i took a picture before she backed out! yesterday john david drove to charlottesville to pick up nana from jane's house; so m2 sat at the bottom of the hill and watched us slide away, while snuggled on the lap of her sweet nana!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


just some random overheard statements made in our house over the last few months...

mommy this song is stuck in my hair ~ m2, age 2

whaths the nexth ingredienth in the rethipe mommy ~ m1, 6 with two missing front teeth

hey, stop noyying me ~ m2, 2

carolina stinks so bad i can smell them from here ~ little man, 8, trash talking during the ncaa tourney

i just passed two gasses ~ m2, 2

can i move the clouds with a bulldozer so i can see the sun ~ little man, 8

winter break ~ just add water

massanutten water park
it's crazy to be in a bathing suit and look up to see snow settling on the windows overhead! on monday of winter break we headed to the water park for a bit of fun. our family does water well ~ knee boarding, skiing, riding on the jet ski, swimming ~ so anytime water is involved we are all in.

jd and m1 flying out of one of the larger water slides... m1's face is hidden by her feet.

m2 enjoyed the lazy river and the kiddie pool. i have no doubt she would have gone down the larger slides had there not been a height requirement. and just to prove i was there... someone (my husband) snapped this wonderful picture of m1 and i flying out of a ride. don't you just love the one great picture of the mommy?!?