Sunday, April 3, 2011

winter break ~ now add sickness

after a fun day we headed back to the cabin for dinner. our plans for the evening included packing up for our trip home then heading to the top of the mountain at sunset... unfortunately it also included m1 throwing up. jd and nana took m2 and little man to the mountain top while i started packing up and doing the additional laundry that occurs when a child gets sick. luckily, the sickness subsided by morning and we were able to make the trip home without incident. wednesday around midnight little man started... jd was hit with the bug friday morning... and i was the last to go down during the night on friday. i don't know how m2 was spared ~ she was so sweet patting us each on the back asking if we were okay as we were telling her to please walk away. john david and the children were able to visit the zoo on saturday and enjoy the fresh air, while i slept the weekend away. on the bright side, no one missed any school!

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