Monday, April 4, 2011

a sunny monday

yeah for another sunny day! m2 and i ate lunch outside and then enjoyed playing on the swings and kicking a soccer ball. and yes, she has on her jammies... you have a problem with that?

m2 has a great smile and a funny laugh that she loves to share with others. i can hardly believe she is almost three! does anyone know how to slow down time?super me ~ that is what she calls herself sometimes when running around with little man. mommy is trying to "fly" like super mommy ... not very gracefully i might add!

such a fun day with my little girl ~ not much housework done but a great time with my little one.

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  1. does it make you remember the days when you had only Sam? of course, not when he was 3, but you know what i mean. what precious days with you and morgan! i can't believe she's 3 either - that's CRAZY how fast she has grown!!!