Saturday, April 2, 2011

winter break ~ just add water

massanutten water park
it's crazy to be in a bathing suit and look up to see snow settling on the windows overhead! on monday of winter break we headed to the water park for a bit of fun. our family does water well ~ knee boarding, skiing, riding on the jet ski, swimming ~ so anytime water is involved we are all in.

jd and m1 flying out of one of the larger water slides... m1's face is hidden by her feet.

m2 enjoyed the lazy river and the kiddie pool. i have no doubt she would have gone down the larger slides had there not been a height requirement. and just to prove i was there... someone (my husband) snapped this wonderful picture of m1 and i flying out of a ride. don't you just love the one great picture of the mommy?!?

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  1. the picture of john david coming out of that tube is the coolest - with them all green!! we LOVED that place - it was so fun! we've never been in the winter snow season but would have loved that too! david keeps saying one day!!!