Sunday, April 3, 2011

winter break ~ now add snow

tuesday afternoon we went snow tubing... during our summer trips here we have "grass tubed" the same hill so the children we excited to see the difference snow makes. m2 was tall enough ~ and on tuesday it is half off so if she did not like it we did not lose too much ~ so she was able to join the family fun also. we were able to hook up to four tubes together so the first time down m2 went with john david and little man and m1 were connected to me. after a few runs down connected, little man and m1 wanted to go down on their own. of course, being competitive some racing ensued. i think i have mentioned this before, but we have some trash talking children: "you are going down mommy" "daddy i am going to crush your time" and my personal favorite, "bring it on big momma" ... seriously, where do they get this from ;-) little man and i were racing and i flew right past him... i took some pictures of myself to prove that i was there :) we had a great time! at the bottom of the hill there was a conveyor belt that you hopped on to ride back to the top. little man and i are hooked up to john david... the last few runs all four of us were hooked together. but i could not get a good picture of all of us together. hey, i am not blurry after all! my husband just looked over my shoulder and commented about how good this picture was, all while traveling quickly down the hill... i showed him the one from the water park yesterday in comparison taken while he was standing still. i think someone needs camera lessons! ps ~ m2 only lasted for one run ~ which was fine. at least i took a picture before she backed out! yesterday john david drove to charlottesville to pick up nana from jane's house; so m2 sat at the bottom of the hill and watched us slide away, while snuggled on the lap of her sweet nana!

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