Wednesday, June 20, 2012

two weeks of fun: back flips and 360's

 little man's first attempt at a back flip...
 not too bad buddy!  almost as good as mine!

 m1 is pondering... oops not this time!

 mommy and m1 double knee-boarding 
 mommy's 360.  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

two weeks of fun: slick as glass

two weeks of fun: sorry peta

if rattlesnakes are not your thing then don't scroll down.  if you love all animals, even venomous ones don't scroll down.  m2 and i walked down the pier steps hand in hand, then were heading to the front of the pier where m1 was waiting to play.  moments later out of the corner of my eye i saw a rattlesnake swim right past us, about ten feet away.  it was heading straight for m1.  "out of the water, get out of the water" i said calmly (yes, sister said i was calm but firm).  m1 had actually seen it coming and was about to say something when i did.  the boys ran from the other side of the pier and m1 climbed up the steps to the boat and jumped on the pier.  sister said she expected to see a small black snake but was shocked to see a rattler that was about four feet long.  the children started running for granddaddy to get a gun, little man and dude hopped in the john boat and tracked it out in the lake.  they smartly returned when the snake coiled and rattled it's tail.  honestly, we were not nervous about them being the ones following... we know they have a respect for nature and the fact that were are in their territory.  (we have also spotted bears within two miles of the house and before school got out the neighbors said that one day a bear walked by their house, played in the lake for a while and then walked back into the woods).  granddaddy and sister headed out on the jet ski and granddaddy was the hero when he whacked the snake as it was about to strike. 

two weeks of fun: randoms

 little man acting like the captain of the boat
 m2 searching in the cooler for a snack

m1 and grandaddy
bubbles blowing on the boat

Sunday, June 17, 2012

two weeks of fun: what?

sister and i were out on the boat when grammy called and asked us to come and get them.   she took the jet ski and the airhead to retrieve them.  when they returned granddaddy was driving and sister and grammy were on the airhead.  i guess the saying is true, "there is a first time for everything".  the grandkids thought it was a hoot that grammy rode the air head out.  yeah, grammy!

two weeks of fun: part IV

m1, little man, dude, micadoodle and m2
little man is the king of the float!  
another fun day on the lake..

two weeks of fun: part III

m1, micadoodle, m2, dude and little man

we visited the nc estuarium one day that was calling for rain ~ it ended up being quite sunny and warm.  with only a $2 admission fee this momma was happy.  the children enjoyed seeing the sights, animals and playing with the hands on exhibits.  granddaddy and grammy treated everyone to golden corral before heading home ~ these kids can put away some food, good grief they sure can eat!

m2 and granddaddy