Saturday, June 16, 2012

two weeks of fun: part I

this week much of our time was spent on the pier ~ the wind was blowing, the lake was white-capping, the air was chilly and the water was frigid!  how is it that children don't feel the cold like us older folks?  although they did have to keep getting out to warm up only to climb right back in  ~ crazy young'ins.   little man and dude played "jump from float to float" in order to not touch the chilly water.   m2 played with her bucket; she poured water from a ketchup container into a mustard jar and then into larger buckets continuously.  towels were used as blankets to keep everyone warm when not in the water.  sister and i sat on the pier bundled up, longing for the sun to shine for more than three minutes at a time. 
sugar and charlie got lots of attention! charlie gets some loving from granddaddy. 
micadoodle and sugar love to hear m2 giggle. 
how cute is she?
we took the boat out and all ended up soaked and cold.  yea for john david driving the jet ski (so sister and i could sit on the pier dry and bundled up).  micadoodle has a ball on the airhead.    
it was so windy that when micadoodle hit a wave the air caught the underneath of the airhead and took her airborn; so fun that i caught the picture!  a later wave knocked her off.  she came up laughing.

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