Monday, June 4, 2012

field day

we had a gorgeous day for little man's field day.  only the 3rd - 5th graders participate which makes it very competitive.  during the morning hours they had individual events ~ he competed in the soccer dribble, mile run (it was a photo finish with him coming in second) and jump rope challenge.  there were more events, but i was helping and missed some. 

little man and his buddy nathan tied in the jump rope challenge so they celebrated with a chest bump.  when the boys saw the picture, they each said the same thing, "hey, our shadow looks like a dog".
after lunch little man and a classmate won the wheelbarrow race for the purple team.  the fourth graders participated in the three legged races and the fifth graders do piggy back races. 
the tug of war challenge is the highlight of the day.  each team (purple, white, gold) compete with several pulls.  then each grade competed against the other class (little man's class won the third grade pull).  below is my other son, christian (he calls me his other mother) doing a great job as the gold team anchor. 
mr. hardy's fifth grade won... seriously, they did have a slight advantage.
little man and his classmates working together to defeat the other third grade class.  mrs. chaplain even got in on the action. 

elana and m1 looking on.  her class had a field trip this morning and when they returned they watched a few team events in the gym.  when the tug-of-war started all of the non-field-day classes were brought out to watch and cheer for their favorite teachers and students.  i like the way they do this... something for the younger grades to look forward to.  in the end the gold team prevailed in first place and little man's purple team came a very close second.  coach rose always works hard to ensure fair teams and a fun but competitive day.  m1 can't wait until next year. 

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