Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

i heart color

it started the way most things do... with a visit to sherwin williams. i caught the salesman off guard when i walked in and announced "i needed a gallon of soulmate please". apparently he did not realize that was a color and not an invitation. our downstairs powder room is painted with soulmate ~ a great purple brown color ~ and i wanted to paint the closet across from the bathroom to match.
i have been wanting to add three shelves to the bottom for the childrens art/craft/crayon stuff that was on three shelves in my pantry. i took the original two shelves down, patched holes, painted and hung all the shelves back up.
the next day while feeding m2 lunch i thought that my pantry would look nice painted also. and since it was a small area it should not take that long. and since the art stuff was now out i only had to empty off two shelves.
the project finally ended that evening while my husband was playing tennis... with the other two downstairs closets painted, the coat closet felt left out. by the time he got home i was almost done... complete with a heating pad on an extension cord strapped to my lower back. he cracked a joke about my age and an upcoming birthday... of course that occurred as as he was reaching into the freezer for an ice pack for his knee.
so, one closet that should have only taken a portion of an afternoon ended up being a three day project since the paint for each had to dry before loading everything back in. ummmm, i wonder what i can paint next?

the eye doctor

here is my sweet girl after her eye appointment this morning. she rocks the cool i-just-got-my-eyes-dilated hollywood glasses! i walked into school with her and spoke with her teacher. her classmates were on the playground and she just ran to join them completely unconcerned about outward appearances. she will be getting her own pair of real glasses soon.

Friday, October 15, 2010

such pain...

i never thought i would say these words, but "i saw a plastic surgeon yesterday". my nose was healing crooked so my appointment was to see what options i had in order for it to be straightened out. the doctor walked in and started asking questions based on the x-rays i had brought. he then started applying pressure to the side that was crooked "that feels a little tender when you push there" he continued pushing harder to the point that tears were in my eyes "that really hurts". he then said, "if you hold tight i think i can pop it back in place". the most excruciating pain (since childbirth) occurred in my head, i thought i was going to throw up. hopefully this will be IT! i have to keep it covered with steri-strips for the next three weeks, but the doctor thinks that it should heal properly with no further appointments/surgery! i had another round of black eyes last night but they are largely gone today.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

a confession

i have not cleaned my house since the middle of june... (pausing.... pausing.... pausing.... waiting for katy to pick herself up from the floor). oh, i have swished the toilets or vacuumed when the carpet/floor demanded, and dusted when the children could write legibly on tables ~ but the deep cleaning and organizing that i love to do has not been done. i C.R.A.V.E. order and routine and our summer was anything but that. traveling back and forth to the lake left little time for cleaning. i decided early in the summer that we were going to have a fun one and the other stuff could be done once school started. i am paying for that now and it is overwhelming! the first day of school i deep cleaned the girls room ~ windows, light fixture, woodwork, dusting, i did it all. the second day of school i tackled little man's room. and then story time started and field trips and homework and soccer practice and piano lessons and then i broke my nose. i could not do much for about a week. so here i am today still with a throbbing face wondering when my deep fall cleaning will start. maybe tomorrow...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

what item doesn't belong?

kiwi, pears, mangoes, bananas, butternut squash, organic chicken, ground turkey, ground chicken, kashi granola bars, kashi oatmeal, activia yogurt, yobaby yogurt, 3 gallons of organic milk, wheat bread, little debbie swiss rolls... what? how did that box end up in my cart? oh, and here is a glance at my current facebook status "sandi overheard this at the grocery store this morning ~ mommy i have a boogie on my finger (laughing) i just put it in my mouth ~ that would have been comical had it not come from the child in my cart."

Saturday, October 2, 2010

tinkertoy instruments

we typically have some sort of music going in the house ~ shout! kids praise, upward cd's, the nutcracker (the kids love it) or old fashioned piano banging.  m1 made some instruments out of tinkertoys and i had to guess what they were. here she is with her violin... then strumming her guitar... playing her drum... and finally singing into her microphone.

ping pong for poverty

john david played in a "ping pong for poverty" tournament today. he won four straight matches. at the end of the day, his last opponent was about 80 years old... wearing a t-shirt boasting that he played in the senior ping pong olympics. he had a wicked serve and ended up beating jd in a close match.  the shirt was a bit intimidating.