Tuesday, October 5, 2010

what item doesn't belong?

kiwi, pears, mangoes, bananas, butternut squash, organic chicken, ground turkey, ground chicken, kashi granola bars, kashi oatmeal, activia yogurt, yobaby yogurt, 3 gallons of organic milk, wheat bread, little debbie swiss rolls... what? how did that box end up in my cart? oh, and here is a glance at my current facebook status "sandi overheard this at the grocery store this morning ~ mommy i have a boogie on my finger (laughing) i just put it in my mouth ~ that would have been comical had it not come from the child in my cart."


  1. haha! :) man, we could be shopping buddies - for real! could you just do a double-cart next time? i do not have the energy for the grocery store this week! man, those little debbies sound REAL good right about now - thanks a LOT!! :)

    ps. why are you not my fb friend???

  2. i like to take a little bit of credit getting you hooked onto blogging and now a true fb-er! i'm NEVER on fb--- except to print coupons!! i love that the snack cakes made it in there! every now and then callie slips something in there too...but i usually can spot it!!