Wednesday, December 26, 2012

christmas decorations

the children and i decorated for christmas the day before thanksgiving.  it's a fun thing to do with that day off for them.  plus we celebrated christmas with out of town family on friday after thanksgiving.  the decorations above are on the downstairs *nice* tree.  little man has a collection of fire engines, m1 has fairies and m2 has snow buddies.  they get a new ornament each year. 

 the children's tree.  as always, they enjoy pulling out craft projects from sunday school and school that fill this colorful tree.  the angel on top was made in 2008 by m1. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

christmas 2012

little man, dude, m2, micadoodle, m1 at grammy and granddaddy's house

and it's official ~ micadoodle, my 13 year old niece, is taller than me.
she is growing into a beautiful young lady, both on the inside and outside! 
we had a great christmas! fun times with family, quality time with immediate family and time spent in church realizing the true reason behind the celebration.  the children were spoiled by the grandparents who gave them a wii. we now have video games in our home... never say never! of course, no christmas is complete without a new set of legos for everyone. and seriously, the new girl legos are very cute!
the children receive three gifts from us... a spiritual gift (matthew west cd for little man, book for m1, and a hermie dvd for m2) a physical gift (sweatpants for little man, jammies for m1, hair bows for m2) and an emotional gift (ishuffle for little man, little house on the prairie book set for m1, and three wheeled scooter for m2).  john david got some clothes and i got a new camera lens!  great gifts all around. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

i've been a mommy for 10 years.

 little man ~ our first born is ten years old.  this little guy was the one to first call me mommy.  that makes me very happy.  he loves to get lost in a book (his words, not mine), build with legos, ride his bike, eat pizza and play soccer and basketball.  he does not like haircuts, homework or peas.  john david and little man spent the weekend away.  they went to a carolina basketball game, spent the night in a hotel and had some great quality time together.  we hope for this to become a tradition when the girls turn ten also ~ an overnight trip* with mommy and daddy.  (i could not go because of m2's ballet recital). 
little man's favorite carolina player ~ james mcadoo

great seats!
john david saw james' dad during half time (john david helps out at a basketball camp mr. mcadoo runs for inner-city youth during the summer) and mr. mcadoo got them into the players lounge after the game.  that was super nice of him.  james was gracious and posed for a picture.  good thing mommy sent the camera!
on the court after the players lounge.  little white boy trying to jump! 
one day he will be able to reach!
*m1 has planned and re-planned her trip several times, even though she still has 18 months until her 10th birthday!  after us vetoing a "quick day trip" to disney she is looking into more reasonable options. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

her first ballet recital

morgan's ballet recital from sandi on Vimeo.

m2 is the sixth elf from the left... in the green and white.  forgive the camera shake... i was chuckling!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

old timey stuff

 the girls and i went downtown (john david and little man were at the unc basketball game) to look at some of the *old timey* decorations like they had when i was little. 
most pictures by m1!
when we walked out of the building mickey was walking around... i don't know why he's very far from home, but we took a picture anyway!

Monday, December 3, 2012

sick day

the girls both woke up with fevers so they stayed home from school today.
a few movies while hanging out on the couch is good for the soul.

stripes and more stripes

striped pants and striped shirt... works for me!

Saturday, December 1, 2012


 for my birthday, john david gave me two tickets to for mary poppins (part of disney on broadway).  m1's favorite movie is mary poppins so she was my natural choice.  she was spellbound from the first note from the orchestra to the final drop of the curtain.  i was quite enthralled too!  

Friday, November 30, 2012

what's missing?

look who lost a tooth!  

pj's in the grocery store

with 20 minutes to spare before john david walked through the door expecting dinner, i could not get the home-made empanada dough to roll out properly.  frustrating!  the girls were freshly bathed and jammied up for the evening when i asked the children to grab their shoes, coats and head to the car.  little man was still in real clothes and i had a sweatshirt on inside out.  of course at 5:50 the grocery store around the corner is packed.  two boxes of refrigerated pie crust were picked up quickly then we had to wait in line.  did the children get funny looks?  nope, i don't think anyone even noticed!

jamestown field trip

two school buses filled with children and extra cars packed with moms (and a few dads) makes for some *fun* looks from ferry commuters trying to read their morning paper and drink coffee in peace.  little man and i had set some ground rules for the field trip... 1) no holding mommy's hand or hugging, 2) no pet names like handsome dude or grumpalicious, 3) winks were allowed, and 4) pictures were okay too.  fourth grade boys are so particular. 
 ferry rides can reek havoc on your hair.
 makes you thankful for non-animal skin blankets on chilly nights.
 makes you thankful for modern kitchens and appliances.

 a friend with a child in another school was walking off the boat as we were walking on and we found out later via facebook. 

 little man the military man.

pumpkin patch

m2's class went to the pumpkin patch.  she loved the hayride and looking at the farm and the animals.  (if katy is reading: i think this is the same hayride you rode when pregnant with jacob that was so bumpy.  they did not want you to ride but you insisted!)
 the petting zoo part... a little timid at first and then she warmed up. 
 crazy haired girl! 
with her pumpkin.  why does it take so long for children to pick the perfect pumpkin?

fall soccer

 little man and bairn, his buddy from school.  glad to have him on the team ~ they work great together!
 score one for little man!

 love this one of bairn.... no feet on the ground! 

 another score for little man! 

 and yet another score! 
 and one more!
 the fans ~ above: john david and aunt jane. below: nana and m2.
pictures taken by m1.