Friday, November 30, 2012

jamestown field trip

two school buses filled with children and extra cars packed with moms (and a few dads) makes for some *fun* looks from ferry commuters trying to read their morning paper and drink coffee in peace.  little man and i had set some ground rules for the field trip... 1) no holding mommy's hand or hugging, 2) no pet names like handsome dude or grumpalicious, 3) winks were allowed, and 4) pictures were okay too.  fourth grade boys are so particular. 
 ferry rides can reek havoc on your hair.
 makes you thankful for non-animal skin blankets on chilly nights.
 makes you thankful for modern kitchens and appliances.

 a friend with a child in another school was walking off the boat as we were walking on and we found out later via facebook. 

 little man the military man.

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