Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the lake (mostly pictures)

the family ~ minus m2
little man loves getting out in the water with his cousins and familiy. jumping off the boat, fishing, kayaking, water guns and boogie boards keep the children entertained.
meredith and daddy are practicing while she waits for her turn behind the jet ski. she has learned to float this year and proudly shows off that skill.
they make me laugh!

granddaddy and his crew...
mckinley trying to stay afloat with 4 life-jackets on. it was hysterical; she would not even go under when she jumped off the boat. even though she is ten, she enjoys spending time with m1. they went for a long kayak ride, mckinley paddling up front and m1 relaxing in the back. she is a special funny girl and i love her most dearly.
mommy time... i enjoy getting out on the jet ski for some alone time. i can sing praise songs or talk to God, knowing that no one else is listening. i took a picture of my spedometer... i like going fast... i don't like that moment of panic when i turn too quickly and the ski almost comes out from under me and i realize that i have responsibility, a husband, three children, not enough insurance!

little man and granddaddy on the tractor after putting the jet ski over. this is entertainment!

these boys just love one another! little man and cousin wes are not only cousins they are great friends. after a full day in the water they find all sorts of fun "boy" things to do: shooting a bow and arrow (someone got a bulls-eye) playing horseshoes, building with legos. times like this i wish my sister and her family lived much closer.

bike riding is another fun thing the children like to do after spending the day in the water. since they are on grass they don't have to wear helmets, and if they fall off the pier they are only going in the water. little man has been on two wheels since the spring and he encouraged m1 to try two wheels on our last visit of the summer. she and daddy would start in the garage and ride onto the grass. by the end of the day she was riding down the pier with mommy. i was on mckinley's bike ~ she is 10, her bike is small, tough leg work-out. and YES, she is in her night gown and i am in my jammies.

the lake is a special family place... we have been going since i was five. my grandparents started out with a silver bullet trailer, quite different from the house we now have. this is not the place to go if you like eating out or entertainment. the closest wal-mart is an hour away and the grocery store forty-five minutes away; we bring everything in that we need so we don't have to leave. leaving is hard. it's the type of place where after dinner we load the children in the car and go deer spotting ~ if you are lucky you might see a bear! on any given day there might be a dozen small fishing boats nestled up around the cypress tree lined shore. on a busy day six or so jet skis / boats will be towing children around skiing or trying to bounce them off airheads. my sister and i go each year in june (our husband drive back and forth on the weekends) so our children can spend lots of fun time together. it's also a special time for us to reconnect since we don't see each other as much as we would like. after that we head down for as much time as we can without forgetting about church and other responsibilities at home. it is such a beautiful place that leaving is difficult... too many memories to walk away from.