Monday, August 27, 2012

life as a preschooler

on wednesday i picked m2 up from school.  this was our conversation as i buckled her in:
m2: when do i have to go back to that place?
me: well, tomorrow you spend with mommy so you will go back on friday.  did something happen?
m2: we had chapel and i had to sit still and not talk or we would not get playtime outside.

this was our conversation on friday:
me: well, how was your friday?
m2: i loved it!  we had p.e. and could be as loud as we wanted to be. 

by monday she was still loving it because she was able to go to the library and bring home one book!  wednesday is definitely her hardest day because of sitting still, but she is getting better. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

first day of school

m2,  pre-k 4
m1, 3rd grade
 little man, 4th grade 

can you tell mommy is not really thrilled?

Monday, August 20, 2012

one last lake post...

i guess since it is october and all i should finish up the summer stuff... but i certainly enjoy our summers much better than our winters!  sometimes it's hard to blog about summer since all of my pictures look pretty much the same from day to day... over all we have had a rattlesnake killing, back flip flipping, skiing, firework booming, friend connecting kind of summer.  sigh... i guess i need to post about back to school now... and field trips, soccer, ballet, piano and homework.  yuck!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

a weekend away

john david and i drove over to the eastern shore and caught a ferry to tangier island.  the island, home to about 500 people, is only accessible by ferry or small plane.  choppy water and these life jackets made up our view for just under two hours.  this is actually a trip jd has made for work since he has some schools on the eastern shore and one on tangier. 
this is a crab shanty with a pier full of crab pots.  crabbing is a way of life on the chesapeake bay.  we were guaranteed fresh seafood!      
once on the island your transportation choices are limited... walk, bike or golf cart.  we had already decided on bikes.  there are less than 15 cars on the island ~ one belongs to the police chief (there is only one law enforcement agent on the island).  there is also a fire engine, ambulance and the other various cars belong to volunteers that man those positions.    
this is a gift shop named "sandy's place" and my bike is parked in front.  so very cute!   while riding to the bed and breakfast (they did pick us up with a golf cart at the dock so we dropped our things off before picking up bikes) we got a chuckle at the speed limit sign... as well as the fact that speed is checked by radar.   

the mail boat... the way mail is brought back and forth to the island daily.

i love looking at maps, which is great since my car does not have gps.  does that really surprise anyone?  it was fun looking at the map and the markers crossing the bay and knowing exactly where we were. 
thanks to nana for watching little man and my parents for keeping the girls.  they love spending time with you all! 

one last image: this one is for my brother in law dane... don't you just love it?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

rock climbing party

m1 was invited by a classmate to a fun rock climbing birthday party.  she did such a great job reaching the top several times.  what a fun time for everyone!