Tuesday, June 25, 2013

more from the lake

daddy pulling the girls... oops one must have fallen 
 I love McKinley's hair in this one!
beautiful girl       and those handsome boys getting ready 
 some serious air
funny how air gets under it when they all fall off! 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

we're going on a bear hunt

down about a mile from the lake house is a wildlife preserve.  somewhere along this road, sister cues up lauren alaina's dirt road prayer and cranks it up loud.  there are a few canals where we spot many varieties of birds and deer.   
as we drive farther into the preserve, the music stops and the children get really quiet.  what they really want to see are the bears.  this night we saw two. 
the first was a baby.  the second was a bit larger but took off quickly.  we only got a look as he was leaping into the woods.   maybe we will have better luck tomorrow night. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

a denial break

i'm a bit sad that my caboose will be going to all day school this year. 

she talks my ear off all. day. long.  boy is it going to be quiet.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

back to the lake

after a great week in topsail we headed home for church, a fun day zip lining and morgan's ballet recital (due to a dead camera battery, there are no pictures of that event).  now we are back to the lake... our summer home away from home.   
it's always more fun when daddy can take off work and join us for a few days! 
ha! Meredith is in there somewhere. 
somebody needs to alert the crew to the coming storm! 
 they come up quickly here and head out just as fast.   
it's relaxing watching a storm on the porch.   
after the storm passes, everybody is back on the water.   
and yes, these pictures were taken from the back of the jet ski...
with my nice camera and zoom lens.  I must really trust my husband's driving!

Monday, June 17, 2013

we went ape (a zip line adventure)

the day after school got out, john david and I were scheduled to take the older two on a secret adventure.  we had plans for morgan to stay with her nana overnight.  some huge tropical storm roared up the coast so we had to push back the date until after the topsail trip. 

the children loved it! 
daddy struggled a bit since he was taller than the guide lines.  but he hung in there anyway.
coming in for a perfect landing... upright!

daddy's landing was not as graceful, but this course was designed for the under ten crowd and he was challenged by his height.

Meredith and mommy on the rope portion.... this was so fun!

this boy would run and catapult himself from the platform!  it was comical to watch. 
they have a bigger course (higher off the ground and much longer) that is designed for those over ten.  we cannot wait to try this once Meredith is a year older.  we will definitely be returning!  google go ape to see if one is near you!