Sunday, June 9, 2013

a groovy chick

lisa, jenna and me
meet lisa ~ she was in our small group bible study for a few years before moving away... far away to oklahoma.  other than a job, what does oklahoma have that we don't have?  lisa is many things... beautiful, single, a great listener, a provoking question asker, a tight hugger and a fun girl to be around. oh, and she gives the children fresca and trader joe's chocolate, so they really like her!  
prior to her moving, we would get together at unconventional times.  meeting up for breakfast or lunch meant that we could talk without interruption.  however, our breakfast meetings easily lasted until lunch. 
she was recently back in town and we had such a fun time!  we spent about six hours cleaning and organizing her closet here trying to figure out what she would need to take back to oklahoma for the summer.  if you know me and my obsession with closets that was actually very fun!  one night she joined us for our weekly bible study and afterwards stayed for dinner and hung out with the family for a while.  the children went to bed and we sat side by side while my husband watched us have an eight minute conversation about light bulbs.  now he understands why i can't recall what we talk about, we are all over the map!  i love that when she visits she is fine simply hanging out.  one afternoon she walked in while i was folding towels.  plopping herself down on the floor she said, *oh, i love folding towels* and pitched in and helped finish them.  she's now back in oklahoma so we have to email and talk on the phone.  lisa, i love you and know you will be back here one day hopefully soon! 

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  1. You look so pretty!!! So glad you got together for the whole day. There's nothing better!! She sounds like such a dear friend to have.