Thursday, June 13, 2013

a little putt putt and a happy birthday

 Thursday night we headed down the street for a game of putt-putt. 
this little girl thinks she won because she had the MOST POINTS with 102!
shortly after this picture we realized that Wesley had a high fever and strep throat which was why he did not do well.  and m1, well like always she just had a fun time!
with his last minute heroics and a hole in one on number 18, he beat his momma by one stroke.  lucky dog!
the exact moment that she realized her aunt sissy had walked around to all of the people at the putt-putt place and asked them to sing happy birthday to her!  blurry picture because I was balancing a dripping cone in one hand and holding the camera between sticky fingers with the other hand.  we had already celebrated her birthday with friends and it's really not until Saturday but we celebrated over ice cream tonight!

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