Monday, June 17, 2013

we went ape (a zip line adventure)

the day after school got out, john david and I were scheduled to take the older two on a secret adventure.  we had plans for morgan to stay with her nana overnight.  some huge tropical storm roared up the coast so we had to push back the date until after the topsail trip. 

the children loved it! 
daddy struggled a bit since he was taller than the guide lines.  but he hung in there anyway.
coming in for a perfect landing... upright!

daddy's landing was not as graceful, but this course was designed for the under ten crowd and he was challenged by his height.

Meredith and mommy on the rope portion.... this was so fun!

this boy would run and catapult himself from the platform!  it was comical to watch. 
they have a bigger course (higher off the ground and much longer) that is designed for those over ten.  we cannot wait to try this once Meredith is a year older.  we will definitely be returning!  google go ape to see if one is near you!

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