Monday, March 11, 2013

welcome home...

the post disney/epcot/seaworld laundry will be here for a while.  slowly making my way through!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

disney at night

m1 and i were *two dumbo's* in front of m2 and granddaddy.  this child can talk and talk.  just having a grand time with whomever will listen!  nana and little man, plus jd were on here also, i couldn't find them in the dark. 

great seats awaiting the parade.  they had a parade at 7:00, fireworks at 8:00 and another parade at 9:00.  we took advantage of the short lines during the first parade and hit some of the attractions we missed earlier in the day (like an hour wait for dumbo). 

such a fun first day. 

disney ~ part 2

nana and m1 enjoyed dancing while waiting for our table for lunch.  we could hear the music from the parade so they started twirling and dancing.  m2 got a cute mickey sandwich and all this mommy could think was *seriously, for that price i'd like the whole sandwich please*.
yummy!  looks like granddaddy found something delicious!


 on the jungle cruise, m2 insisted i take pictures of the elephants.  she was missing her ellie.

 love the smiles on these girls.  little man was climbing the swiss family robinson tree house with daddy. 

 love these impromptu parades and shows that occur throughout the day.  m2 was concerned that minnies underwear was showing while she was spinning.  i assured her that the bloomers were considered modest apparel. 

 m1 is my photographer in training.  she and her brother were sharing the camera, but she ended up with it most of the time.  he would rather use my nice one.  oy!

Monday, March 4, 2013

disney ~ then and now

m2 and mommy in 2010 above and in 2013 below.

disney ~ part 1

embassy suites has the best breakfast!  omelets, bacon, waffles, bacon, fruit, cereal, bacon (i know i mentioned bacon already but it deserves several honorable mentions).  once everyone was fueled, we were off to the magic kingdom for the day.  

little man, daddy and m1
the first stop was *it's a small world*.  we wanted to ensure that the song was stuck in our heads all day long.  both little man and m1 suggested this start our day, since they remember it from our first trip. 

nana and m2 ~ loved watching her expressions during the day.  she was not even two our last trip so this was all new to her.  and that map ~ did not leave her hands.  she wanted to know where everything was. 

the carousel was stop two.  just like the last trip, this was enjoyed by everyone in the group.  seriously, are you ever too old to ride the carousel?