Tuesday, March 5, 2013

disney ~ part 2

nana and m1 enjoyed dancing while waiting for our table for lunch.  we could hear the music from the parade so they started twirling and dancing.  m2 got a cute mickey sandwich and all this mommy could think was *seriously, for that price i'd like the whole sandwich please*.
yummy!  looks like granddaddy found something delicious!


 on the jungle cruise, m2 insisted i take pictures of the elephants.  she was missing her ellie.

 love the smiles on these girls.  little man was climbing the swiss family robinson tree house with daddy. 

 love these impromptu parades and shows that occur throughout the day.  m2 was concerned that minnies underwear was showing while she was spinning.  i assured her that the bloomers were considered modest apparel. 

 m1 is my photographer in training.  she and her brother were sharing the camera, but she ended up with it most of the time.  he would rather use my nice one.  oy!

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