Tuesday, December 11, 2012

i've been a mommy for 10 years.

 little man ~ our first born is ten years old.  this little guy was the one to first call me mommy.  that makes me very happy.  he loves to get lost in a book (his words, not mine), build with legos, ride his bike, eat pizza and play soccer and basketball.  he does not like haircuts, homework or peas.  john david and little man spent the weekend away.  they went to a carolina basketball game, spent the night in a hotel and had some great quality time together.  we hope for this to become a tradition when the girls turn ten also ~ an overnight trip* with mommy and daddy.  (i could not go because of m2's ballet recital). 
little man's favorite carolina player ~ james mcadoo

great seats!
john david saw james' dad during half time (john david helps out at a basketball camp mr. mcadoo runs for inner-city youth during the summer) and mr. mcadoo got them into the players lounge after the game.  that was super nice of him.  james was gracious and posed for a picture.  good thing mommy sent the camera!
on the court after the players lounge.  little white boy trying to jump! 
one day he will be able to reach!
*m1 has planned and re-planned her trip several times, even though she still has 18 months until her 10th birthday!  after us vetoing a "quick day trip" to disney she is looking into more reasonable options. 

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  1. what a fun day to do an overnight trip for their 10th!! He looks just as i remembered! :) I liked seeing him next to really tall basketball players and goals...because it keeps him looking small...something i know he is not anymore!!!