Tuesday, December 25, 2012

christmas 2012

little man, dude, m2, micadoodle, m1 at grammy and granddaddy's house

and it's official ~ micadoodle, my 13 year old niece, is taller than me.
she is growing into a beautiful young lady, both on the inside and outside! 
we had a great christmas! fun times with family, quality time with immediate family and time spent in church realizing the true reason behind the celebration.  the children were spoiled by the grandparents who gave them a wii. we now have video games in our home... never say never! of course, no christmas is complete without a new set of legos for everyone. and seriously, the new girl legos are very cute!
the children receive three gifts from us... a spiritual gift (matthew west cd for little man, book for m1, and a hermie dvd for m2) a physical gift (sweatpants for little man, jammies for m1, hair bows for m2) and an emotional gift (ishuffle for little man, little house on the prairie book set for m1, and three wheeled scooter for m2).  john david got some clothes and i got a new camera lens!  great gifts all around. 

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