Monday, December 10, 2012

her first ballet recital

morgan's ballet recital from sandi on Vimeo.

m2 is the sixth elf from the left... in the green and white.  forgive the camera shake... i was chuckling!


  1. THIS MADE MY DAY!!! HECK...IT MADE MY HOLIDAY SEASON!!!! And I knew which one she was right away!! Clearly we have a very talented girl here...what guts it takes to get ont hat stage and do that at their age!! yeah to the whole group...although....I really only watched MINE!!!!!

    Thanks so much Sister!!

    Aunt Sissy!!

  2. hahaha soooo cute! I lover her delayed reaction to the moves!

    What a cutie! I think you have a future dancer on your hands there! :)
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  3. that's hilarious!!! i think she has a future!!