Thursday, October 21, 2010

i heart color

it started the way most things do... with a visit to sherwin williams. i caught the salesman off guard when i walked in and announced "i needed a gallon of soulmate please". apparently he did not realize that was a color and not an invitation. our downstairs powder room is painted with soulmate ~ a great purple brown color ~ and i wanted to paint the closet across from the bathroom to match.
i have been wanting to add three shelves to the bottom for the childrens art/craft/crayon stuff that was on three shelves in my pantry. i took the original two shelves down, patched holes, painted and hung all the shelves back up.
the next day while feeding m2 lunch i thought that my pantry would look nice painted also. and since it was a small area it should not take that long. and since the art stuff was now out i only had to empty off two shelves.
the project finally ended that evening while my husband was playing tennis... with the other two downstairs closets painted, the coat closet felt left out. by the time he got home i was almost done... complete with a heating pad on an extension cord strapped to my lower back. he cracked a joke about my age and an upcoming birthday... of course that occurred as as he was reaching into the freezer for an ice pack for his knee.
so, one closet that should have only taken a portion of an afternoon ended up being a three day project since the paint for each had to dry before loading everything back in. ummmm, i wonder what i can paint next?


  1. you're a MACHINE! cool color! i know what you can paint next...a few rooms in MY house - are you for hire?!? :)

  2. Way to go sister!!!! It looks great!!! It is scary how much alike we are in our old age isn't ?!? Once you start....ya just can't stop...aches and all...

  3. it IS such a great color...and i think painting closets adds the perfct finishing touch! :)