Thursday, October 7, 2010

a confession

i have not cleaned my house since the middle of june... (pausing.... pausing.... pausing.... waiting for katy to pick herself up from the floor). oh, i have swished the toilets or vacuumed when the carpet/floor demanded, and dusted when the children could write legibly on tables ~ but the deep cleaning and organizing that i love to do has not been done. i C.R.A.V.E. order and routine and our summer was anything but that. traveling back and forth to the lake left little time for cleaning. i decided early in the summer that we were going to have a fun one and the other stuff could be done once school started. i am paying for that now and it is overwhelming! the first day of school i deep cleaned the girls room ~ windows, light fixture, woodwork, dusting, i did it all. the second day of school i tackled little man's room. and then story time started and field trips and homework and soccer practice and piano lessons and then i broke my nose. i could not do much for about a week. so here i am today still with a throbbing face wondering when my deep fall cleaning will start. maybe tomorrow...

1 comment:

  1. alright...who is this and what have you done with sandi? i know that this is obviously someone else because i KNOW my sweet sandi and I KNOW this can NOT be her! I'm going to have to get to the bottom of this.....:)

    And if you read this message to sandi, please tell her that i applaud this newfound freedom! :)