Saturday, September 11, 2010

sleeping together

when little man was 4 and m1 was 3 we started a tradition of them sleeping together on friday nights. at first they would giggle for a few minutes and crash. as they have gotten older (now 7 and 6) they still look forward to that tradition and we have extended it to saturday nights also. this is a conversation that took place in the car after school on friday... much like previous friday afternoons.

M: what are we going to talk about tonight? 
S: i don't know.
M: how about what we are doing tomorrow.
S: that's fine
M: what about something that happened at school this week.
S: that's fine
M: do you have any topics?
S: will you scratch my back while you talk?
M: yes


  1. um. i would have had tears streaming down my face. how SWEET! :)

  2. that's so funny - sam doesn't really care...meredith is the one that wants to talk about maybe sam can get his back scratched in the meantime! :) love it!