Monday, September 6, 2010

up late on a school night

the children were so excited about the opening of the nfl season ~ until they realized the first game was after bedtime. they approached us with their plan... take a nap after dinner and wake up in time for the game. they even promised to not be grumpy in the morning. we fell for it! they just got up and are VERY excited. they are also happy about u.s. open tennis during the commercials ~ little man is hoping for a federer / nadal final. they have already started talking about the same plan for saturday when the women will play their tennis final in prime time. we will see how this goes.


  1. your "cool mom points" just went up by a LOT!! :)

  2. don't you love that all our football brainwashing has worked??? GOOOO titans!....(knowing that john david is happy right now as the cowboys totally blew it before halftime...we'll see how this one ends up!)