Friday, August 27, 2010

first day of school

m2 is smiling now but once her "guys" were gone that cute smile was no longer!
she is adjusting slowly but still asks "err my guys mommy?" every day.
every. day. i wonder how long that will last?


  1. aww - love all the photos :) you guys look like a magazine family!! hope morgan starts enjoying her "special" time soon! :)

  2. they ALL look so grown up!!! and i can't believe meredith gets to wear pink - i thought NC only ha red, white, and blue options! she looks so cute. sam looks so....old. sigh. what happened to our babies. he looks like he's gotten skinnier too as he's gotten taller...sigh. and morgan - she just cracks me up - her big ole smile....that i know went totally away when her guys left! :(