Friday, August 6, 2010

starting early

this child loves the water and especially the water toys. this picture sums up her summer lake fun ~ remember she is only two! she is on a trainer ski that you can sit on and if you feel comfortable you can stand (recommended age is 4--5). granddaddy or jd held on the back just in case she needed scooping out of the water quickly. i idled so she was going very slow. oh, please ignore the spider man life jacket that granddaddy put on her, she has a cute pink one and an even cuter hat.
floating around the lake waiting for her turn. we had a rotation by age and she would definitely let you know when it was her turn again.
"me ride det key wiff daddy" yes, m2 did ride the jet ski with daddy, mommy and anyone else who would take her. don't even try to head out on a mommy break ride without her. john david was letting her steer (idling only) while his hands were on his lap and she found the throttle... he almost fell off cause he was definitely not prepared for that!

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  1. it just deleted all my brilliance! anyways, i LOVE the last pic - you knew i would!!! the kids are going to have such treasured memories of these summers at the lake...just like you and sister do! how great!!! just don't let morgan tag along on ALL your mommy jet ski rides - a girl has to get a break some time! :)