Friday, August 6, 2010

super excited... N.O.T.

we went school supply shopping yesterday. so many people love doing this... getting new pencils, markers, erasers, crayons, pencil boxes, kleenex, cough drops for the clinic, hand sanitizer for the classroom, and the list continues.  m1 got a new backpack ~ one with wheels.  little man will use his from last year.   we have had a SUPER FUN summer and i can not wait to post more pictures and get completely updated. we spent every other week at the lake... the children have conquered the knee board and are learning to ski.  m2 even has a special "trainer ski" that she gets pulled on behind the jet ski. (we only idle which means 2-3 miles per hour but still she loves it and lets us know when her turn comes up again). at this point we have two weeks left and one of those is the huge consignment sale that i am working. the grandparents are helping with babysitting so they will have fun with them also.  m2 is really going to have a tough adjustment this year... her playmates are going to be GONE! oh my, i am on the verge of tears and they have not even left yet. good grief!

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