Wednesday, June 8, 2011

inner harbor bound

after chapel john david and i headed home to pack the car and load up the bikes. the children were supposed to have a full day of school, but little man'a class had a pool party at the teacher's house from 12 - 3. of course we were not going to leave m1 at school so we pulled her out for the last few hours. the children swam, we all had lunch and then left early to get on the road. the trip out of town and through d.c. was a breeze. luckily our potty break took place before the back up between d.c. and the maryland state line. we stopped for dinner at ruby tuesday's and then completed the last leg of our journey. our ending destination was the marriot located right on the water in the inner harbor (thank you priceline for accepting john david's bid of 1/3 the normal room rate!). while i unpacked, the children and john david walked around looking for the pool and other interesting things in the hotel.

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  1. what a great spot you nagged and sounds like at a great price! good for you!