Thursday, June 9, 2011

chincoteague national wildlife refuge

should you ever visit the chincoteague wildlife refuge you will definitely need the items pictured below. we spent the day biking the trails of the refuge. most were well shaded and all were paved! it always takes a while to unload the bikes and set up m2's buggy; today also included three layers of bug spray! (at the end of the ride i had to spray the car door just so we could open it and hop in without letting a huge amount of bugs in)
off of the bike trails were walking trails that led to beautiful look out areas. there were horses in the distance but they were hard to see in the camera due to the amount of trees.
shortly after the above picture was taken we came upon a sharp bend in the trail and stumbled upon this... a newborn foal following closely behind it's mom. we stayed back a ways so we would not startle either one. peddling our bikes slowly we followed them to them for about a mile before they turned off onto the main road. the children were so excited to see a wild horse up close! a park ranger later said they think he is about two days old based on his walking ability and size.  
we turned the opposite way to follow another trail and then stumbled upon these three horses. we met up with them later in the day during a walk on the beach! after riding about 5 miles we took a trail that led to the beach. we took a break, had a snack and went looking for shells.

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