Wednesday, June 8, 2011

inner harbor

on friday we were supposed to play at port discovery ~ the children's museum ~ but knew that we needed to get on the road and would not have a full day there. so we walked around the inner harbor area which included a cool barnes and noble. (oh, what would you do if a foreign tourist pointed a camera directly at your son's face and motioned for him to smile? and then motioned for your girls to smile for a picture next? little man was the first to get off the escalator at barnes and noble and before i could reach him this occurred. when the gentleman pointed the camera at the girls i said no and shielded their faces. he then followed us to the children's section and tried to take another of them and i stepped in front of the camera before it clicked ~ hope the picture of my bottom turned out nicely). we were able to get a late (3:00!!) check out so we went back and had a quick lunch (out of the cooler) before loading up and driving to our next destination. we do hope to go back again and include port discovery (and seeing jenn) in our agenda.


  1. i've heard that new children's museum is VERY cool, but haven't been there yet! What a CREEPY tourist!! Good for you for raising cain!!! CRAZY!

  2. super creepy!
    man - i wish we could have gotten together - you were SO close!!!