Saturday, June 18, 2011

the lake olympics ~ part 1

ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls (john david started in his low announcer voice) today is june 18, 2011 you, i and fans from aroooooound the world have been waiting for the games to begin. what games you say..... the 2011 lalalalalalake olympics! it is time for you to compete hard, to compete strong and to compete fairly, and to make your mommy, daddy and ggggggrammy and ggggggranddaddy and nnnnnnana proud. so without further ado, lllllllllllllet the games begin.
micadoodle then led the group in the pledge of allegiance. m2 was the lead off kicker in the soccer challenge with the rest of the children following in age order.
we then headed to the egg races... m2's net, m1, little man, dude and micadoodle's spoons... who do you think has the advantage here? to make it a little harder for the bigger children, they had to trot backwards until they reached the cones and then could go forward towards the finish line.
we then mixed it up a bit and had micadoodle and little man team up to relay against m1 and dude.  the boys were overheard doing some scheming about how they were going to trounce the girls because they are more athletic so the mommies took care of that by mixing the teams up a bit. you can see in this picture that m1 and dude are "thrilled" to be paired together. interestingly enough, they won this event!
our last land event was a team race against the clock... lining up in age order they had to pass the ball under over under over under over until they reached the cones.

a snack break, wardrobe change and more sunscreen was needed before beginning the water sports. stay tuned for the riveting awards ceremony unofficially sponsored by chick-fil-a.


  1. Mckinley has really grown up! These pics crack me up! I can totally hear john David and the pic of the unhappy Meredith Nd Wesley takes the cake for me!

  2. this is awesome! i love this tradition :) loved catching up on your blog!