Saturday, June 11, 2011


these statements are snippets of a conversation little man had with dwp (his most favorite cousin) on the phone this afternoon.
  • dude, grammy told me about the kayak race... but dude, did you hear that they are going to grease up a watermelon and we are going to have to catch it?
  • dude, you are a little bit better paddler than me. why don't you go first and we will get a big lead and then i will finish the race.
  • dude... i wish you had the same amount of time out for summer break that we do.
  • aww, dude....
  • hey dude, i am bringing my legos...
  • yeah, my mom is the girls kayak coach..... no dude, my dad is announcing the race, your dad is the boys kayak coach
  • dude, i gotta go... dinner time here, okay, hey dude, see you tomorrow.
  • how many "dudes" was that? i wonder if sister was listening and laughing on her end. love the relationship that those two boys have!

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