Saturday, June 18, 2011

the lake olympics ~ kayak races

sister and i charted the course for the time trials of the kayak races. we were clipping right along when suddenly we realized we were not moving as fast as before... all the children had silently hitched to the rear of the kayak.

m1 paddled the course first and put forth a great effort for her stature. the crowd cheered her on all the way to the finish line. little man was up next and the time to beat improved. dude was about four seconds faster; micadoodle needed a flawless run in order to beat his time.

and she did it... paddled like a beast and beat dude's time by six seconds. we have to boast because we know that in a few years with muscles on our boys, that will be more difficult. m2 needed a turn, but she was not much help with the paddling. and then it was time for the kayak relays ~ boys against girls ~ and with the times put up in the individual races we knew that it could be tight. little man stood by granddaddy with rapt attention wanting to know the girls time; the time the boys needed to beat. putting all their muscle into it the boys edged the girls out in the team relay. we kinda knew they would.

uncle dane wanted to know how he would have done ~ not too shabby for an older man!

stay tuned as we take a break for station identification followed by the greasy watermelon relays!


  1. Hi Sandi, Thanks for the feedback on biggest hang-up is leaving our two girls behind for the 5 days...but I know that it will be such a wonderful experience for the two of us, so I really appreciate the encouragement! Nice blog background by the way...LOL!

  2. How cool! Olympics with your family! I'm putting this idea in my back pocket for the future....