Friday, February 19, 2010

the plane

a direct flight into orlando made the trip a breeze! no layovers, just a quick trip while coloring, playing tic-tac-toe with bendaroos, and travel connect four... oh and lots of snacks. granddaddy and little man ate and talked the entire trip... he colored for a while and they played a few games, but mostly talking and eating. funny quote from my dad "what is this... licorice?" when being passed the bendaroos for little man to play with. seriously. went. through. my. snacks. upon landing we made our way to the "disney magical express" for our trip to the resort. during this trip a video is playing showing all of the parks in detail and what to expect / do / see while there. at one point the announcer says (bear with me here i just don't want to forget this) "are you ready to set aside your fears?" he is talking about the tower of terror ride.  m1 is mouth-wide-open-eyes-wide-open taking it all in and she whispers "yes" (i am cracking up inside) after previewing all of the parks she looks at me and says "i'm not going to miss a moment of this".

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  1. i have NEVER heard of or seen bendaroos - what are they?????