Wednesday, February 24, 2010

magic kingdom (part 1)

how many families plan a trip to disney and save the magic kingdom until the last two days? we thought after the pace of the past few days that we would divide the magic kingdom into two sections and cover each thoroughly. it ended up being a great plan for us. below is a picture of my dad and mother-in-law along with two children.  
m1 and myself in front of cinderella's castle. she was so excited to have on her princess dress... and the sights and sounds of the day certainly did not disappoint. the children's eyes were wide open all day just taking it all in. even m2 (in a borrowed minnie mouse dress) was pointing and clapping excitedly at everything around her. such a great time! the carousel was ridden several times and enjoyed by the youngest and even the oldest. it was nice to see nana smiling and having such a great time. the passing of pops has been emotional on each of us, but to lose a husband of 45 years has been most difficult.
here is the adorable miniature minnie mouse taking a nap in the stroller. she was such a trooper going as long as she could and then crashing for a while.

family pictures are a bit more challenging the more eyes you have to face towards the camera. why is it that we have more bloopers than good photos?
here we are waiting for another parade to begin... this day alone we saw three parades! i love the picture of m1 patiently waiting. something about the bright orange hat, tennis shoes and fancy princess dress over a turtle neck that just make me chuckle. i think our little minnie is quite cute also.

our final parade of the day was the disney spectomagic parade. this day began with breakfast at the castle at 8:00 (we had to leave the resort on the shuttle at 7:20) and ended with the parade of lights at 8:00... with absolutely no breakdowns.  

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  1. oh the parades are just incredible aren't they? i think you planned it all just right - saving MK for the end and getting to split it up and really take your time. the girls look adorable in their dresses - especially meredith in her ballgown and baseball cap! gotta love it!! :)

    and i am SO thankful it worked out for Mrs. Wied to join you. I know that she so enjoyed the trip and the special memories that were made - happy memories! What a blessing to lift her heart for a while!