Monday, February 15, 2010

a secret revealed

on thursday afternoon (2/4) we had this conversation with the children during their after school snack. daddy was home since he was taking a mid-term exam all day long. we sometimes play this "game" with the children... would you rather (fill in blank) or (fill in blank)?
daddy: would you rather take a trip in a train or in a car?
children: train
daddy: would you rather play outside in the snow or outside in a pool?
children: pool
daddy: would you rather swing on the swing set or slide down a slide?
m1: slide
little man: swing
daddy: would you rather ride a scooter or ride a bike?
m1: scooter
little man: bike
daddy: would you rather go to school tomorrow or go to disney?
children: disney
daddy: what about you mommy ~ would you rather clean the house tomorrow or go to disney?
mommy: of course i'd rather go to disney. what about you daddy? would you rather work tomorrow or go to disney?
daddy: disney of course. mommy if we went who should we invite?
mommy: maybe grammy and granddaddy, all of us and nana.
daddy: well then let's go and let's stay for five days.
they were staring at us in disbelief until we sent them upstairs to search for their suitcases.  little man still did not believe us and had to unpack his things to see that i had indeed actually packed everything that he would need for a five day stay at disneym1 was easier to convince and was immediately eager to talk about all of the details. she was a little hesitant about the fact that we were flying (she requested the pilot who landed his plane on the hudson river) but was ready to give it a try.
i only have about 460 pictures to filter through and edit and then i can get them posted.

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  1. what a GREAT way to tell them! I can't wait to see the pictures and hear all about it!!!!