Tuesday, February 23, 2010

an invitation from cinderella

m1 dressed like a princess this morning for our breakfast. we were invited to cinderella's royal table at her castle. so far, all meals have been outstanding but afterwards we agreed this was the best. the children had french toast with fruit; the adults had a choice of omelets or french toast with bacon and fruit. oh. my. word. the french toast was the best i had ever tasted. i would love to know what type of bread they used. all of cinderella's friends stopped by each table to speak with the children and for pictures.  m1 was captivated by the setting. the girls were given wands and the boys swords. there were wishing stars on each table and they were asked to wave their wands over the stars and make a wish... not opening your eyes until you heard bibbidy-bobbidy-boo.  m1 was absolutely precious during this moment. we still do not know her wish!
less than stellar table manners but they were happy and having a grand time. as long as this does not continue at home i am fine with it.

side note: this was the one meal we could not get nana in at such a late date. it has been full for many months now. we had the first time of the morning so jd went to the hostess and explained that we had one more with our group than planned. on the phone for weeks straight we had been told no, but when asked in person, she was allowed to join us. so we cancelled her reservation at another place and she was able to enjoy the meal with us.

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  1. these are just memories you will never forget!! i am SOOOO glad that Mrs. Wiedmaier was able to join you at the reservation - you gotta love how Disney just "makes it happen"!! This is where David and I ate dinner when we were at Disney for 1 day on our honeymoon - it was unreal. I'm sure your girls just LOVED it!!!