Monday, February 22, 2010


we had a sunny day to begin our epcot adventure... but you will notice from the layers that it was quite chilly. of course little man was running around in short sleeves most of the day, but that was because we were in public and more than just underwear was required. our first stop was soarin' ~ which was an amazing imax hang-glider type of ride. we rode that two times in a row since there was not a long line. all of the hands on things were great for the children. and the 3-d shows were phenomenal. we ate dinner at the coral reef restaurant while looking at the "largest inland saltwater environment ever built ~ containing over 85 species of tropical fish". that's according to their website! i did feel a bit guilty indulging on my wonderful seafood dinner while watching said entrees cousin swim around the tank. after dinner we bundled up (four layers including hats) for the spectacular fireworks show. you can see grammy and little man huddled together for warmth in the picture below.
some of the amazing fireworks... all in all a great day. lots of walking, tired but excited children, and yes, tired and excited adults. animal kingdom is on tap for tomorrow...

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  1. it really is probably the most amazing fireworks don't you think? hilarious about your dinner overlooking...perhaps tomorrow night's dinner? so funny!!! epcot has so many cool, hands-on things...and too bad sam couldn't just wear his underwear - i'm just relieved that my kids aren't the only ones! :)