Tuesday, February 23, 2010

animal kingdom

what is a safari adventure without a bumpy kilimanjaro safari ride? open air buses travel around "africa" as giraffes, lions, antelope, zebra and other animal roam free.

the tree of life ~ this tree has over 300 animals carved into the branches. inside the base is a cute 3-d show "it's hard to be a bug" was quite the attraction since it was inside and climate controlled. the sun peeked out for about an hour which warmed us up a bit... we will take a look at our layers of warmth in a few minutes. i loved our bug-eyed 3-d glasses, very stylish!

little man's first roller coaster was the primeval whirl. very fun ride that he rode with mommy and daddy the first time and granddaddy and daddy the second time. m1 was not tall enough, missed it by a hair. literally. although she could ride the BIG roller coaster with a steep drop, how much sense does that make. here is a picture of the three boys at the end of the coaster.

breaking news: during lunch we got a call from nana that they had safely arrived at the orlando airport and were now on the shuttle heading to the resort. yea! they would be joining us for dinner. happy news. now back to regularly scheduled fun.
while daddy and granddaddy rode the big coaster (getting a ride share pass for mommy) the children and i wandered and watched these monkeys. they were very comical and enjoyed putting on a show.
layers ~ layers ~ layers: so here we are on day three and we have been cold, colder and at times wet. each day we wore a short sleeved t-shirt, under a long sleeved t-shirt, under a sweater, under a coat. yes, we are in florida and wearing four layers. little man refused to wear his hat so mommy rocked the camo hat. hey, at least my ears were warm!

we enjoyed several shows... finding nemo the musical was absolutely spellbinding. the colors, actors, choreography were fantastic. as an added bonus the theater was heated! the festival of the lion king was also very colorful and fast paced.  m1 took all of the pictures below.  m1 and mommy were pulled from the audience to participate in the show... we had to run around the stage area shaking african instruments. quite fun! no pictures of that but daddy did capture it on video.

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  1. i can't believe that you girls were the stars of the show!!!! and i think you definitely rocked the camo hat - i can't believe your little head could fit into a 7 year old's hat - that's impressive!!! you did pick the coldest days of the year there - it was such a freak thing. my sisters were DYING that it was so freezing cold!